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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  August 18, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> plus going green in ac. where you can learn to grow your own pot. even if it's not exactly legal for everyone in the garden sta state. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. >> breaking news at 5:00 president obama addressing the nation on this fast developing situation in iraq and ferguson, missouri. we begin with ferguson. the governor has now lifted the curfew and the national guard is taking over in the aftermath of more trouble. the latest clash last night between police and protesters. violence and chaos playing the streets sin the shooting of an unarmed black teen michael brown boy a white police officer more than a week ago. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. the president just announcing u.s. attorney eric holder will travel to missouri on wednesday to meet with prosecutors and community leaders. president obama also putting out another call for calm.
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>> i understand the passions and the anger that arise over the death of michael brown. giving into that anger by looting or carrying guns and even attack the police only to serves to raise tensions and stir chaos. >> learning more today about the forensic investigation into the shooting of michael brown. fox's mike tobin reports from ferguson. >> reporter: police shooting of unharmed teen michael brown set off fire storm of violent protests here in ferguson and now we're learning more about the incident but not from state or local officials. attorneys for the brown family hiring forensic pathologist dr. michael body den to perform a private autopsy. they say wounds don't show signs of a struggle. >> there are abrasions around the right side of mr. brown's face rubbing against the ground which happened as best we can tell when after the gunshot wounds he fell flat down unprotected and got those
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abrasions. >> reporter: but the washington post reports brown had marijuana in his system and was shot from the front. dr. body din couldn't rule out the possibility that brown was charging the officers when he was shot. >> there could be consistent with his going forward or going backward. but they're to the front. >> reporter: the situation here in ferguson remains tense. a state of emergency is now in effect in and the national guard is deploying. still unknown are the results of the autopsy done by the county medical examiner. in ferguson, missouri mike tobin, fox news. >> for the latest on the situation in ferguson any time of day, go to just click on the story on our home page. the president also addressing the crisis in iraq. the president announcing what he calls a quote major step forward in the battle against militants. president obama says mosul has been recaptured by iraqi and curdish forces that that dam on the tigress river had been breached the consequences to have been cot traffic it's a major source of water and electricity for most of the
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country. he renewed his warning about the militant group isis. >> let's remember, isis pose as threat to all iraqis, and to the entire region. they claim to represent sunny grievances but they slaughter sunny men, women and children. they claim to oppose foreign forces but they actively recruit foreign fighters to advance their hateful ideology. earlier today, pope francis endorsed the use of toes are in iraq to protect minorities. >> her at home, we have video that has just flooded philadelphia police with tips. that's it right there. it shows young men attacking a ranger in love park. now, people are infuriated by what they saw with this. and people who saw it first hand say the young men taunted and beat the ranger. well tonight one young person is under arrest and police are now working to get the others in custody. let's get straight to fox 29's dave schratwieser he's live at philadelphia police headquarters tonight. dave? >> reporter: lucy, we're
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actually at central detectives this first suspect charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and other charges. tonight a disgusted police commissioner charles ramsay is speaking out about the attack. >> it's just absolutely wrong. >> reporter: the disturbing video shows several suspects taunting, beating and video taping their assault on park ranger inside love park friday afternoon. now police say the suspects seen beating the ranger is hyped bars charged with a long list of crimes. >> disgust. i mean i don't know what other reaction you could possibly have. >> reporter: investigators say 19 your old curtis tanner of pottstown was arrested there overnight and turned over to philadelphia police monday. a second person of interest was also brought in monday for questioning accompanied by his mother. investigators turned up the heat trying to identify and arrest all three suspects in the atta attack. >> these guys are just thugs. kicking a man in the head. could have caused grave injury.
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>> police believe it was tanner who punched kicked and spit on the ranger after he told a group of six to eight young people to stop skateboarding in love park. skateboarding has been prohibited in the park for yea years. >> had the situation been reversed and if it was them, i think they would hope that somebody would come to their assistance. >> reporter: police have gotten lots of tip since this video shot by a park visitor from north jersey hit youtube. commissioner ramsay says anyone involved in the attack will be caught and prosecuted. >> hopefully he goes to pot penetentiary f it was me they better be glad i'm not judge. all the guys standing around would be in the joint, too. there's no excuse for it. absolutely none. >> reporter: now the park ranger did sustain head injuries. he is said to be recovering at home. coming up at 6:00 commissioner ramsay has some advice for skateboarders. lucy? >> absolutely unbelievable what happened there. all right. dave, thank you very much. to your fox 29 weather authority now. let's take a live look outside at center city. in isn't that nice? just a
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beautiful, beautiful day. this type of made it very easy to ease back into the work week. meteorologist caitlin roth is standing by. man i got to tell you caitlin i don't know about you i've been spoiled with these sunny days. we really have. the sunny days lucy and also very comfortable temperatures. it's almost down right cool in the morning. and then it's nice and pleasant in the afternoon. high pressure still anchored over the northeast bringing us sin shine. system towards our south stayed just south enough of the philadelphia area with the rain and clouds. strong thunderstorms just south of the delmarva and in eastern virginia and north carolina where severe thunderstorm watch was in effect right now it looks like a heavy rain threat. still that threat down towards our south. but as you can see closer to home it looks very pleasant out there. so if you're stepping out, partly cloudy skies tonight. 65 in the city. 57 in the suburbs. we'll have much more on the week ahead still to come. iain and lucy. >> all right. talk to you then date caitlin happening now the search for two men who assault add couple on kelly drive. the man and woman were walking along kelly near brewery drive
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around 9:00 last night when the men tacked them. kelly drive big hot spot with people who love to walk and run and bike and enjoy the outdoors now this word of the attack is scaring all of those who use kelly drive all the time. karen hepp is live in fairmount park. karen. >> reporter: these are just the kind of days the long summer days trying to be out and get every single minute of summer out of them. very busy out here. we have a fisherman out here. this is the base of the boat house as you can see them here. as we turn around you can see running club by this way as well that's the girard avenue bridge that goes over to the zoo right in that area right underneath that is brewery hill and that's where police say the attack happened. >> from the skulls on the schuylkill at dawn to the runners, bikers and walkers pounding and spinning the river drive paths through sunset our trails are packed with people enjoy the outdoor life. so many are pretty disturbed to learn a couple was attacked last evening police say right along this section of kelly by brewery
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hill drive. >> is this area? wow! i didn't even know that. >> reporter: you definitely think to be safer, carry some stuff on you. you know mace and be prepared because you never know what kind of crazy possible are out there. >> reporter: police say two men attacked the couple from behind about 9:00 p.m. edmonds refuses to be deterred by a couple of creeps. >> i think it's unfortunate and horrible that that kind of thing happened but it won't keep me from walking here. >> reporter: lesley and scott say it's just an important reminder that be aware of your surroundings. >> i just think about my wife that's a walker. it doesn't matter where you're at. you can't walk alone any more. you have to have a partner and you certainly can't walk alone with headphones on. you have to be aware wherever you are. >> that's really scary. it's sad to hear something like that can happen here when so many people enjoy this beautiful trail on a regular basis. i hope they catch the guy. >> reporter: we hope the police do catch those two guys detectives are wok to go try to
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track them down. clearly people will still be out here enjoying this. that won't let this deter them in any way because it is so beautiful and they know they should take all the necessary precautions. guys, back to you. >> karen, thank you. philadelphia police just released a picture they want to you see. they want your help to identify and track down this man. officers want to talk to him about a deadly shooting outside a concert at the dell music center in philadelphia's strawberry mansion neighborhood. someone killed 20 year old alexis, during a fight in the parking lot. the concert was meant to promote peace. >> in center city a suspicious death is now ruled a homicide. a worker found 65 year old lee stanley at his home on the 100 block of mole street last week. investigators say stanley did not show any obvious signs of trauma and it does not appear as if somebody had broken in, but as we reported last week, the position of this body made investigators suspicious. so far the medical examiner has not yet determined the cause of death. >> jury selection started today
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at the trial of a daycare worker charged in the abduction and sexual assault of a five year old girl. police found the little girl barely clothed and shivering in a chilly playground back in january of 2013. 20 year old christina regusters charged with kidnapping and other counts. she posed as the girl's mother taking her from her west philadelphia classroom. her attorney says she reject add plea deal. the girl's familiar has filed a lawsuit accusing the school district of reckless indifference. if a doomed atlantic city casino had it's way today would be gamblers last day to hit the slots. the revel wanted to shut down today. but says new jersey casino regulator boss not allow it. the state gaming division denied the quest making it stay open through labor day weekend. the $2 billion hotel and resort will shut its doors officially at 11 a.m. on september 1st. revel is one of three casinos that will close in the coming weeks. the showboat and trump plaza will also shut down. >> gender rules could keep a local high school sports team out of the playoffs.
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why a boy on the field hockey team could ruin some dreams years in the making. also, mow thai davis is breaking down gender barriers of her becoming a star in the little league world series but the taney dragons stay pitcher may be ready to go back to being a normal kid. what her mom says is the most annoying part of all this new found fame. >> probably a few thing. and later, new jersey governor chris christie look at him there, happy, man he slimmed down, too, iain and he's busting a move in the hamptons. the other famous people he shared a stage with. i think howard could do that move actually. >> i probably could actually and very easily and better than the governor. >> the eagles day closer to the preseason game number three and lesean mccoy look at another way to gauge his stats. that what the eagles are looking to do on thursday coming up in sports.
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♪ >> a burglary, a surveillance camera rah and now philadelphia police are after a man wanted for breaking into the home of a 51 year old woman in carol park. you saw him there. it happened earlier this month on the 1300 block of north 57th street. they say he broke in through her kitchen window. once inside, all kinds of alarms went off, and so he took off without taking anything. in camden, new jersey, police are after a man cued of trying to lure a child. they say an 11 year old girl was walking on the 2600 block of baird boulevard when that man approached her and tried to get her to go with him.
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it happened right around 6:30 last night. police say the girl ran off. the man ran after her but he could not catch her. thank goodness. if you have any information, give police a call. >> rapper beanie sigel is out of jail. the 40 year old was moved to halfway house on thursday. his attorney says the change allows him to reintegrate into the community. last year, the philadelphia based rapper was sentenced to six to 23 months behind bars. authorities say he failed to pay more than $700,000 in taxes and they also say he had drugs on him during a traffic stop. >> little league world series is heat up, of course, philadelphia's team the taney dragons are on fire with the dragons big victory yesterday over a team from texas. they're moving on to the next round. now you can cheer them on when they take the field on wednesday. now, in the meantime, the players and their families have a little bit of time to soak the all in and get used to their new found fame. as fox fox 29's chris o'connell
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reports. >> reporter: it's just may be a team of destiny. the team no one expected to be here has taken williamsport by storm in dramatic fashion. taney dragons will advance to the little league world series. >> hard work pays off but we've been behind in a lot of games on the way here and we never got down and we showed a lot of heart. >> we just felt good. there's no one who didn't think they were coming back. >> reporter: if you think the kids were nervous, talk to their parents. >> indescribable. so tense among the parents, and so exciting when it all broke loose. >> family second of the little league stadium is like a roller coaster of emotions with every swing of the bat. >> we're down and they come back. they work hard. that's what happens. >> reporter: expecting to be pitching for taney on wednesday, female phenom mo'ne davis her mom tells us the blinding media
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spotlight may be starting to get to her daughter. >> right now she has to walk around with a bodyguard now. she had went to get a drink from one of the couldn't segment stands and like they attack her in corner. right now i don't think she enjoying it. she can't be a child at nighttime she wears hoodies, hats and sunglasses so they can see her. >> taney 12 with an entire city behind them hits the field again on wednesday night against las vegas. a win there would put them u.s. championship on saturday. and possibly play for the world series title on sunday. at little league world series, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. >> fantastic run. if you need to get your fan gear triple play sports on the eight hadn't dread block of south ninth street the placing to taney dragons spot for their gear during the regular season. as soon as the team started heating up they started designing new merchandise with all the proceeds going straight to the league. flying off the shelves. the store's owner is getting
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online orders from all across the country. and you can get continuing coverage of the taney dragons run through the little league world series on our website you will find interviews and stories and pictures of the players and so much more. >> it's been a long road to recovery but rocky is back on the job. we told you about rocky jenkintown police departments toes k9 officer back in the spring. rocky got very sick on the job hadn't to have surgery. it was touch and go for while but we're told rocky is back to his old self and back to work. the department says the community came together to support rocky and raised $20,000 for his medical expenses. >> well, like it or not for the right price people can now learn how to grow marijuana in new jersey. atlantic city is hosting a four day seminar for a thousand bucks. it starts saturday at bally' casino. right now only medical marijuana is legal in the state. growing your own is not legal. so the question, of course, is, how can they teach this course? well they're using the herb basil for actual demonstrations.
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opportunity is knocking for veterans looking for work. delaware lawmakers have been post hosting a job fair in milford. several companies were helping veterans find their perfect match. we wish them all the very best and there is another fair next monday in middletown. >> turning back to your fox 29 weather authority right now. if you like this weather you are in so much luck. here's meteorologist caitlin roth. hey, caitlin. >> thank you lucy. i don't know many people who have been complaining about the weather. at least in the past few days it has been ideal especially considering it's mid august. so clear skies outside right now ultimate doppler showing increase clouds from the southwest. there is a system moving across the delmarva moving across virginia bringing showers and thunderstorms but it's just south enough of us that we still benefit from the nice weather courtesy of high pressure towards our north. 83 degrees outside right now. winds are calm. it's a very nice evening. all across the board. 79 in millville. 80 in pottstown. 81 in trenton. 81 in allentown. 73 up in the poconos. the phils are playing in less
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than two hours, and the weather might be the number one reason to go to the ballpark. it's just such a nice night. 79 degrees at first pitch temperature with the mariners in town. light southeast winds and that will turn into a cool overnight. we'll have the latest on the temperatures and our next chance for rain still ahead in the seven day forecast. >> guys. >> talk to you then, caitlin. a pennsylvania woman crash noose a parked car, police say she was driving unthe influence, but it's what she was doing that piqued their cower i don't say is the. >> the strange police heard her make brag they made their arrest. horror in movie theater but not because of what's on the screen. movie goers now suffering from hundreds of bed bug bites. what the theater is doing to protect future audience. >> like 4d experience or something? a man suffers a near death experience lives to tell his story and he has maintained connect to the other side. next why he says he knows for sure angels are among us.
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i never know what kind theof adventure awaits. that the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me. the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 sedan with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $319 a month. >> three days of flooding in india and napal brings the death toll to 180.
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the hardest hit areas have been evacuated as thousands of people are taking shelter in camps set up in government and school buildings. relief teams are bringing in food supplies and medicine to prevent any outbreaks of disease. authorities say several rivers overflowed after water was released from dams in napal. >> massive earthquake had iran jolts the area near the border with iraq. this happened yesterday. officials say the 6.2 quake injured about 60 people that they know of. it's just left widespread damage rubble on cars, stores just wrecked. iran sits on series of size mick fault lines very active it cease on average once small quake every single day. a movie theater in lodhi california is temporarily closed kind of horror show going on. movie goers became the miniated traction for bed bugs. hard to believe but you can see all the welts movie patrons say they got while enjoying a film they say they told the theater manager what was going on saturday but still another audience was allowed to sit in the same seats.
5:25 pm
a movie goer says after he posted the problem on facebook, the theater finally took action. >> it went kind of viral. when it got really big they closed the whole theater down. >> you shouldn't have to worry about your local movie theater having bugs. the theater shut down after admitting to finding bed bugs inside the theater. the two teenaged girls who complained have hundreds of bites all over. no word on when the theater plans to reopen. >> and no arrest warrant for texas governor rick perry. a grand jury indicted perry friday on two felony charges of reduce of power. perry will have to appear in court. the grand jury indicted perry for carrying out a threat to veto state funds to district attorney who refused to resign after a dui arrest. perry calls the charges completely politically motivated. says he acted within his right as governor and vows to fight the charges. a north carolina man says his near death experience has
5:26 pm
given him a new gift and he shares it with the world through his art. >> yeah, meet the artist. he had a car accident a decade ago that sent him through the windshield. n a.m. i says he died for moment and claims that time he says he heard angels voices. after he recovered, those angels inspired his artwork and his paintings are a reflection of his conversations with the heavenly beings. >> i was given this gift, um, to communicate with angels. i now can feel them. they come right through me, and each one has a different feeli feeling. n a.m.ism says angels surround all of us and his colorful paintings honor those different angels. he says the colors in his artwork describe which angel he says is speaking through him at the time. >> all right. could a local high school sports team be held back from the playoffs because they have a boy on the team? >> coming up, angry parents say it is time to break down any gender barriers. and we already know stress at work can be really bad for you.
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now, even more reason to take it as easy as you can. you have to talk to your boss about that one i guess. the one disease doctors say you're at higher risk for if you feel the pressure at work. >> if you want to burn calories without getting up from your desk, this might be the answer. even fitness experts say it can help make a big difference why they admit it's pro ♪
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>> bow beautiful as we end another day of near perfect weather. did you know there's little village that's actually buried under that lake. it's submerged. i didn't know know that. >> it's very cool. meteorologist caitlin roth will have all the details coming up not on this lake but the fox 29 weather authority. >> this delaware man accused of running a meth lab in a shed in his backyard. police went to robert kibler's house in felton yesterday looking for a suspect in a cell phone theft allowed them to search his home. officers say a strong chemical odor led them to the shed then kibler was arrested. a special team was called in to dispose of the hazardous material. >> investigators say woman apparently had something to sink about after a crash that led to dui charges. this happened in altoona, pennsylvania. that is in blair county. witnesses say the woman crashed earlier this month. they say they heard loud music and singing coming from a car. they also noticed that err feet were propped up on the dashboa
5:31 pm
dashboard. so they managed to get her keys from her but then she took off, ran away. police found her a short distance away and arrested her for drunk driving. investigators say it's not the first time either police also arrested her for dui in june. princeton lab staff did not put mon company in an exercise ball meant for ferrets for fun. peta filed a complaint with federal officials over the incident they claim the staff had the monkey role on the floor inside the ball for 13 minutes. university officials say it found no evidence of mistreatment but they did add the experiment was not pre approved and that its lab staff will be retrained. >> the world watches taney dragons star female pitcher mo'ne davis do her thing including pitching a shut out a bucks county mail athlete being told he cannot play on the team with girls. he wants to play field hockey. but a controversial ban is a major obstacle. fox 29's drew dickman joins us live at quicker town high school in quakertown. so, drew, what is the deal here
5:32 pm
why can't he play? >> reporter: lucy, the school district says this is a lose lose decision for them and for their students. it comes after the piaa, pennsylvania inter so lat tick athletic association, had new rule which is essentially says if there's a boy on this field hockey team, they're not eligible for post season play. >> i was really disappointed because i've worked since seventh grade playing on teams i've been playing field hockey since i was in third grade. i've been working really hard and now to get penalized for putting in this work and becoming as good as i am i think it's word. >> senior josh may be on the practice field but he's one of three male members of the quakertown high field hockey team who can no longer play in games. >> it's difficult but still worth it i think. as long as i'm playing at this point. >> two months ago the pism aa changed the rules preventing teams from boys with completing in the playoffs siting injury risk, competitive balance and opportunity restrictions for girls.
5:33 pm
into% of the schools in the state favor the move. the choice to allow boys to play still lies with each district. quakertown's assistant superintendent says the board made their decision last week. their first meeting sin the rule change. >> i can't think of many over the course of my career that have been lose lose in this way. >> piaa says a half dozen schools are affected by this change. >> if there were more mixed gender teams, then there would be the opportunity for mixed gender playoffs which would be kind of mitigate the impact of the whole situation. but there aren't. >> reporter: she hopes one day field hockey will become a popular sport for guys in you are country. boys teams will become more common. in the meantime he plans on challenginchallenging the new rn place. >> the piaa never should have made rule that bans a certain sex from playing any sport. if there's no guys teams where am i supposed to play? >> reporter: the school district says the new rule affects all levels from varsity on down which would be 30 happening lease here on the
5:34 pm
field hockey team. it also applies to other mixed gender sports like a volleyball. coming up at 6:00 we'll hear more from the school district about a possible solution. they're offering to the problem. iain. >> drew, thanks. see you at 6:00. >> septa police are cracking down on fair jumpers much those who hop on trains and subways without paying. but it's about much more than the money. septa says nabbing these guys makes you safer. 17,000 cameras focused on platforms and trains helped catch the jumpers in the act. a picture is then sent out to septa police on all platforms across the city. the chief of septa police tells us he thinks there's a direct connection between fair jumpers and other crime on the system. >> if you think you can beat 17,000 cameras, you're a bad dude. but you won't. we'll catch you. and we'll be hooking you up with a cheese sandwich. >> we rode with septa undercover officers during a recent sweep and tonight at 10:00 we take you behind the scenes of this high-tech crack down.
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>> all right. parents, tired of getting sent straight to voicemail when you call your kids? >> there's an app for that. i'm going to sign up for this one because i am tired of it. it gives them no choice your kids but to answer your call. also new jersey governor chris christie looking happy and slimmed down as he busts a move in the hamptons. what had him tearing up the dance floor and who is giving him some pointers on stage. >> and coming up at six police say the driver of his truck is up to no good. a thief used it to ram into a local business. what cops say the driver wanted to steal from inside. >> caitlin. >> iain, beautiful day, clear skies overhead. we are not looking at anything on ultimate doppler but severe thunderstorms down towards our south not too far south. will this system affect us tonight and into tomorrow? the latest fro
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>> italian navy says it rescued 2,000 my grants from the med did he rain yann this week alone. most are traveling in boats. most are from africa and the middle east. many are from libya's capital of tripoli. officials say they pay smugglers
5:39 pm
to get them to europe. the my grants are looking for jobs and they want to get away from the turmoil in their home countries. >> the un says this year 100 thus san my grants reached it. >> in your health knew study leaks parkinson's disease to depression and anxiety. the results are raising a lot of questions about robin williams suicide. the actor killed himself at his california home a week ago. days later, williams wife revealed he was recently diagnosed with parkinson's. this brand new study found the incidents of depression and anxiety and people in the early stages of the disease is twice as high as the general public. williams had long struggled with depression but no one has linked his suicide to parkinson's. >> another new study shows stress at work may be bad for your health. the research from munich finds stress could some significantly increase your risk of developing type two diabetes even if you're not overweight. those had said they were stressed out were 45% more likely to develop diabetes along
5:40 pm
had an increased risk of hear disease, strokes and blindness. researchers say the study shows it's important to manage stress eat a balanced diet and exercise on regular basis. and pregnant women who drink two cups of coffee a day may be increasing their baby's risk of leukemia. british researchers finding there's a 60% increase they think caffeine may change a baby's dna making them more susceptible to development of tumors. researchers are urging government officials to issue warnings to pregnant women to limit their coffee intake. >> giving your child a cell phone doesn't always mean there's going to an it. >> many of us know this first hasn't, don't we? i keep saying i'm paying for it. that mean you got to answer it. anyhow one mom created an app to make sure she's never ignored again. we are loving this one. the app ignore no more. that's what it's call. it let's parents control their children's phones if they think they're avoiding them. here's how it works. the child has no choice but to reply to their parents because the app locks the phone otherwise.
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brilliant move. their screen goes blank. then your child gets a list of pre approved contacts they must call to get the password to unlock the phone. say your number for instance. the app is only available for android right now but you'll soon be able to get it on iphones as well. two americans diagnosed with ebola continue to show signs of improvement. >> coming up experts are worried that a third person may now have the virus right here in the us. and if you want to burn calories without getting up from your desk, this might be the answer. why the creators say this contraption isn't just good for your body. howard. >> lesean mccoy' numbers on football field are very clear but it's the way that some people who know nothing about football look at those numbers. lesean mccoy tells us about one that
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>> an american woman in new mexico showing science of e bowl l health officials are testing the 30 year old woman who's showing symptoms related to the disease. she returned to the us from west africa earlier this month. the woman is in isolation at an mexican hospital. they're working to ensure the safety of other patients and staff. >> we're taking every precaution necessary to make sure that there is no transmission in the hospital setting. >> the two american aid workers being treated for ebola in atlanta are showing signs um he have pro many. current outbreak has killed more than 1100 people in west africa. >> moms are banning together in oregon over the right to breast feed their children. dozens of women showed up at a restaurant where mom was told to cover up while feeding her baby.
5:46 pm
restaurant says staff only approached the woman after other customers complained. organizers of the feed in say that should have never happened. >> it's not something could be ashamed of. it's something we have the right to do. and it's just -- it's best for our baby. >> the restaurant says they'll use this incident to train their workers and clarify their poli policy. all right. the average american spends eight hours day doing what he and i are doing right now. sit at our desk working. >> so three former college pals set out to find a way to stay active while getting their work done. you can calling it looking at ways to get fit while you sit. >> reporter: meet qb under the desk elliptical trainer had helps you burn calories and get your blood flowing while you work. >> we realized but there was significantly designed for the office. you can use it, i use it -- i'm
5:47 pm
using while i'm wearing heels. >> brain child of three friends who were students at the university of chicago. the ceo of fit niece cube says he came up with the idea because he couldn't afford a treadmill desk. his company wouldn't let him change the furniture in his office. >> the purpose of this to keep you active while you're in the office. no way trying to replace your gym or exercise time. even if you go to the gym for a long -- like for 30 minutes a day but sitting inactive for long periods of time it's still unhealthy for you. that's what we're trying to change. >> reporter: jennifer is a certified personal trainer at the prevention center. she says there's no harm in using the product but she refers for people to get up from their chairs and get moving. >> people say things like, i don't have time to leave my desk. i'm way too busy. but you also have to think about your clarity and your level of productivity when you're setting there typing all day strapped to your desk. >> the company says you can burn up to 120 calories an hour depending on your speed and
5:48 pm
resistance. but on top of that, it could help your mind be more productive as well. >> it actually helps you work better because it's kind of like an outlet if you get easily get distracted at work helps you focus better while you're working. >> three weeks fitness cube has raised $6,060,000 from pre orders worldwide. they say anyone can benefit. >> something we noticed was not just young people, you know, different age groups arc lot of older people who felt like movement was restricted because they had knee problems, you know. a lot of those customers also expressing interest. >> a little six helms fox news. >> the qb will set you back 350 bucks and you can pre order it. ♪ >> governor christie does not have to use a cube bee workin wg sweat like that at a party in ham tons. he's tearing it up -- can you tell who that is? my friends that is oscar james month fox talk about strange fed fellows
5:49 pm
he was a guest of john bon jovi and fox egged him on to dance. howard thinks he can out dance him. the event raised $4 million for the apollo theater in harlem. we don't need a qb around here. iain and i and caitlin, we have our own foot pedals to use with our prompter. so i think i must burn at least maybe five or six extra calories doing that. >> you're talking at the same time. yes. >> double burning of the calor calorie. >> exactly. >> i don't know. i feel i've have to engage the whole bottom half to get the heart rate up. >> perfect weather outside. no excuses a lot of people getting the doing outgoing for a run along the area lots of our trails and parks there is really no excuse. in the middle of the august that can be tough. usually in the throws of major air-conditioning weather this time of year. but this has been a totally different august and very different summer. right now ultimate doppler showing lot of stormy weather. this is anywhere just south of the may john dixon line all across the southeast and back into the southern planes you can
5:50 pm
see pockets of showers and thunderstorms. some pretty severe weather not too far south of us namely through portions of virginia and north carolina where there are active severe thunderstorm warnings and even an active tornado warning this just north of the city of raleigh. obviously, out of our area and that's moving due east so you can see it's staying just south enough to not bring us any stormy weather. clouds moving in to southern delaware and some of those showers making far north as the delmar have but that's about it. we stay in the clear with high pressure off towards our north winding out. today's high temperature 83 in philadelphia. just below the normal of 85. the record high 97 set back in 1995. no record highs so far this summer for us. 73 in mount peck know. 82 in lee height ton and 79 in bethlehem. beautiful evening across bucks and montgomery. 79 in doylestown. 81 in warminster and 78 in chester. down into south jersey beautiful beach day. it's 75 in ocean city. 80 in cape may and 79 in millville. here's the stormy situation down towards our south this evening. it stays just south of us with those showers and storms pushing offshore.
5:51 pm
i say extreme southern delaware maybe you could see some rain even into early tomorrow morning otherwise we're mainly dry. a stay shower is possible as that system moves out. it could throw some clouds in again maybe just a shower tomorrow afternoon but tomorrow generally looks nice. so does wednesday as fox future cast goes further into the work week. we're seeing a really nice wednesday. some rain behind me. that's a cold front and another system which doesn't look to bring us rain until about thursday. we'll stop the clock at midday thursday. you see some showers moving in. so yesterday what look like we could have a pretty wet work does not look like the case at all. tomorrow looks good, wednesday not thursday talking about the second half of the day. for tonight partly cloudy and comfortable 65 in the city. 57 in the suburbs. 83 tomorrow, so pretty similar to today. just a chance of a stray afternoon shower. otherwise it will be mainly pleasant. into wednesday, 85 degrees. and still nice again we're waiting on the rain which looks like it does not arrive until thursday afternoon and this is showers and thunderstorms it doesn't look overly strong.
5:52 pm
81 degrees there on friday. clouds and showers may linger into the first half the week and it looks very cool to start. 78 is all for the high temperature. but in that we bound on sunday and it doesn't look locate a rainy weekend just look likes it could ab little gloomy to start us off and real quick the shore cast for tomorrow temperatures in the upper 70s and nice beach day. >> a little cool, too. >> caitlin, thank you very much. >> sure. >> look whose back. >> exactly. before we get to him, hold on. eagles have teamed up with a local bang for the $20,000 field goal challenge and today to kick off the coverage members of the media were allowed to put -- there he is. >> mr. eskin in the house. >> we're pleased to tell you howard he is can't put his kick right down the middle. look at that. and no struck photography involved. >> really. >> no. >> here the problem. the winner kicked a 35 or 40-yard field goal. >> was what it was one, five. >> 15. >> that was 15. i'm honest about it. i used to kick all the time in high school but that was 10
5:53 pm
years ago. >> yeah. >> i thought -- i was going to say that. >> so, you know, sometimes you just got to stretch the leg and now i got a pulled groin. >> awe. >> i'm a gamer. i'll be out tomorrow. >> all right. >> talk football here. it was fun day this afternoon. all right. eagles are finally getting a preseason game where the starters will play at least a half in the game. boy, that's something. the eagles play the pittsburgh steelers at the linc thursday night. this game is really not about who they play but how they play. there are so many parts of this eagles offense that will be big parts this season clearly running back lesean mccoy, the quarterback but i think you may see more of the tight ends in this year's offense obviously brent celek will be a big part of eagles offense but this year it's clear that zach ertz boy this guy will be a study will be there more times than he was last season. and the way the offense could go you may see a lot more of little used james casey as well that's
5:54 pm
why i think wide receivers this team will score points with them, with the tight ends, will be catching, they'll catch passes this year as well. >> we feel good about our tight ends, and we play one and two tight ends quite a bit, you think, and we feel like we've got -- we've got guys there that can play all the way through the unit. um, so it gives us flexibility. and then that facto factors in e have more or less receivers. our guys are inter changeable of terms where we could play. >> sack exerts caught 36 passes, four touchdowns a year ago much he knows this tight end group could be special. >> last year i knew it but it wasn't second nature like last year i would have to think before the play what -- what i had to do in particular and against certain comp raches. now it's more of a reaction as to what i'm doing. so night and day to where i was last year. tight ends are really an important thing. >> lesean mccoy led the nfl in rushing last year with over 600 yards. that was running the foot p ball. nine touchdowns but to some
5:55 pm
people it's what mccoy's numbers mean in fantasy if the ball. people may know nothing about football but they are right there playing fantasy football. mccoy did run across one woman in that boat. >> see an older lady in the store, you know, she looks like she's never heard of football, actually mention, hey, mccoy. good luck. i have you on my fantasy team. something funny. something pretty cool. i guess it's a different way to get the fans more involved in the game. >> i have one problem with fantasy if the ball. >> yeah. >> there's actually a few. i'm just keeping it real. >> limbing it. >> it may be fun for people to get themselves involved but when you have a player from another team let's use the dallas cowboys as an exam p and you're rooting for that player, to do well to win the game and they're eagles division that's a violation. >> no longer a fan. >> all right. >> coming up straight ahead at 6:00 an arrest in the brutal beating of a ranger. a park ranger in love park. why police say this type of
5:56 pm
thing could happen more often than you might expect. >> and police say the driver of this truck had criminal plans. a thief used it to ram into a local business. what they say
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> outrage over the brutal beating you see in this video. a ranger knocked to the ground pummeled and then spit on and kicked as others stand by taunting the ranger. >> tonight police say they have made one arrest and more could be coming. good evening and thanks for
6:00 pm
joining us. i'm iain page g i'm lucy nolan. let's get right to dave live at central decks to night. dave? >> reporter: lucy the main suspect in this case has been arrested twice before, once for robbery in montgomery county, once for disorderly conduct back in june. here in philadelphia but tonight he faces much more serious charges. 19 year old curtis tanner said nothing has he is core flood central detectives monday afternoon under arrest in the brutal beating of a park ranger at love park late friday afternoon. it was all caught and tape. >> look at what we're up against much these are the very people we have to deal with on daily basis. they just sum plea do not care. report roar the pottstown teenage injury was arrested there overnight and turned over to philadelphia police monday. investigators also brought in a second person of interest in the attack as they tried to identify and arrest everyone involved in taunting, beating and video taping of the ranger's attack.


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